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    Joseph Daly is a Music Artist, Poet and Actor that brings to light the marriage of the Arts with his old school talent and a modern edge to the industry of music and drama.  This entertainer has traveled the world and has gained the expertise through his experience and success. He is a proud supporter of Community Service projects in the Ontario region.  

    Joseph Daly began his career in 1987 when he became a solo artist  named JD Vishus which included him performing at Monster Jam series at Concert Hall, and in 1989 he made his television debut on Electric Circus. In 1997 Joseph Daly was featured on "Wordlife; Tales of the Underground Griots`, an excellent compilation of Canadian poets including Jemini and Dwayne Morgan. In 2003 he won an “Open door pitch prize” at that year’s Innoversity Summit. This enabled Joseph to create a radio documentary for CBC radio’s "Outfront” show.

    Joseph's success was motivated through the loss of his mom to cancer which gave him the tenacity to continue to make music and create poems. 

    Look out for his debut album, Humans Require Funk, dropping in early 2017. Stay tuned... 

  • December 2005 - Blogto interview

    2005 interview with me regarding my debut EP Alleycat Sensibilities.


  • JD Vishus | new album in 2017

    2017 - Release of new album.

    This is the first full length album, following the JD Vishus EP “Alleycat Sensibilities” (2005).

    Stay tuned for more info very soon.

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