Waiting For Yesterday

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I think opportunity takes nuff shots

Man, I think opportunity gives you everything it’s got

You see, patience is a vir-gin and I’m a bust it wide open like a gynaecological surgeon

I’m climbing theoretical hymens and busting nuts until I see new life emerging

But what am I talking about? I should know better

I mean, good things come to those who/wait a minute!

I was about to get all cliché on your ass

You See, I’ll take my time but unfortunately it never returns the favour

Because time waits for no one

Keeping it real doesn’t even feel real if you don’t have a definite date

In that case keeping it real can turn to keeping it real late, can you relate?

They told my ancestors to wait for their freedom

Well they waited and they never freed them

Instead their alienation made them aliens in their nation

And I don’t want someone else’s timetable to multiply my frustration

Man, eventually you’ll keep waiting and waiting until one day you’ll look back and say

It took so long I feel like I’m waiting for yesterday.