Minding My Own

Written by Joseph Daly Category: Blog Created: Monday, 28 December 2015 14:29
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I want an out, you know what I’m talking about

You run your mouth I’m stopping you now, ‘cause I’m about

Taking it easy today, believe me

I need to be free, or leave if need be

The world that we’re living in gets a little bit intense

Today I’m in the mood to just chill and burn some incense

There’s a lot of things to think about, the world is getting hardcore

Tsunamis down in Asia and my people killed in Darfur

Don’t wanna hear about how cancer took a life

Man I’m taking it light, I need no answers tonight

Brothers getting killed or brothers doing the killing

I’ll talk about it another time, until then I ain’t even willing

I’d rather be in the Caribbean beach it’d be fun to go

And feel the undertow, but my funds are low

I put a book into my knapsack, said praises to my God

Then I scrolled to Kinda Blue, Miles Davis on ipod

Not in the mood for any haters, don’t want no static

I’m making it plain, I’m taking a train, don’t want no traffic