In Walked Me

Written by Joseph Daly Category: Blog Created: Saturday, 12 December 2015 16:49
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God said, “JD, whatever do you mean?”

I said father, for some reason I’ve had problems making my dreams come true

God said, ‘JD, lemme tell ya what I’m gonna do”

“I’ve got three doors and behind each one you will find

The three greatest obstacles ever created for mankind”


He opened door one and to my surprise

The biggest mountain I’d ever seen stood before my eyes

I said “father, you’re right, mountains often get in the way

But many have climbed them and told their tale the next day”

He smiled at me and said ‘JD that’s true, now let’s see what we got behind door number two


I opened door two and I was struck with awe

Miles and miles of water was the only thing I saw

God said “these are the oceans of the planet we call Earth

They’ve been a thing of wonder ever since the planet’s birth

Man has puzzled over them and many have met their demise

Sealed their fate in liquid tombs before land could meet their eyes’

I said “That’s true but there are many who’ve conquered our great seas

And colonized our planet north, south, west and east.


God smiled at me again and said “my son, I’ve taught you well”

Obstacles are good and plenty but many have lived to tell

But truth be told your biggest challenge is right behind door three”

I opened the door and to my surprise in walked me.